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Sure Shine Partners With Roaming Rock Marina!

Sure Shine Marine Detailing is thrilled to announce its partnership with Roaming Rock Marina, delivering premier detailing services to the community of Roaming Shores. From Marblehead to Cleveland, and now to Roaming Shores, Sure Shine has been bringing new life to boats all across Northeast Ohio. 

Andrew Perelka has built a team of highly trained, enthusiastic detailers during the early stages of his entrepreneurship who are thrilled to expand and attain more clientele. We are confident our new partnership will bring a new life to the lake, and a new smile for boat owners. Sure Shine Marine Detailing is motivated to improve the quality of the lake and create a better boating experience for its residents.

Along with the plethora of marine services offered with Sure Shine, we are ecstatic to offer car and RV detailing services as well. Roaming Shores is home to around 1,600 Ohio residents and maintains its status as the largest private lake in Ohio. The community-based atmosphere and gorgeous lakefront views make it a near-perfect area for boat and lakefront property owners. For these reasons, the Sure Shine team understands the necessity of maintaining a high-quality setting for the residents and visitors. Andrew Perelka’s team ensures a high level of quality, detail, and customer satisfaction, and is exhilarated to become frequent visitors at Roaming Rock Marina. We hope to see you there!

Marine & Boat Detail

Our marine detailing services include:

Caulk Removal & Install, Weekly/bi-weekly, Wash packages, Decal Install/Removal
Compounding & Wax, Wet Sanding, Bottom Painting, Teak Finishing & Restoration, Marine wash programs and more!
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