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Maintain Your Shine with Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer coating that fills microscopic pores on surfaces. After curing, the coating bonds and creates a hard, semi-permanent barrier.

Ceramic coatings provide extreme gloss to the surface, giving a glass-like look. They also create a hydrophobic surface, preventing salt and other contaminants to penetrate the pores, making maintenance extremely easy while also preventing oxidization.
Starke certified products applied in our warehouse are a necessity for any boat owner looking to keep their boat glistening.
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Front view of a boat with fresh ceramic coating.

We offer 5% discounts for regular weekly clients!

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Marine & Boat Detail

Our marine detailing services include:

Caulk Removal & Install, Weekly/bi-weekly, Wash packages, Decal Install/Removal
-Caulk Removal & Install
-Weekly/bi-weekly (bucket with soap)
-Wash packages
-Decal Install
-Design Removal
Colorful bags on a boat.Yamaha boat motor.
Compounding & Wax, Wet Sanding, Bottom Painting, Teak Finishing & Restoration, Marine wash programs and more!

Marine & Boat Detail

-Compounding & Wax
-Wet Sanding
-Bottom Painting
-Teak Finishing & Restoration
-Marine wash program

Yacht Maintenance & Management

Like hosting on your yacht?

We have you covered.

Yacht upkeep from social gatherings to business events. Enjoy your yacht from the minute you show up. Whether you need grocery delivery, cabin cleaning/prepping. Sit back and show up when your yacht is ready for hosting.

Hosting on your boat soon? Call us at (216)-212-3283
Surface in the cabin of a yacht.
Screen installed in a boat.

Marine Radar, Radio, Electronic Install

Need a radar installed?

From basic marine stereo head units to full Garmin, Raymarine, and Simrad radar installations. From Mentor to Catawba we have you covered.
Call now at (216)-212-3283

RV, Auto Detailing

We do RVs, Cars, Trucks, you name it! Get back the new car smell and feel good driving your vehicle.

Side view of an Recreational Vehicle.Old shiny car parked in grass.
Call now at (216)-212-3283

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